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HP officejet 8000, 8500 / OJ 8000, 8500 에서 chip 만료 넘기는 법

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How to take apart HP 8500A Multifunction printer.(HP 8500A 복합기 분해하는 방법)

This video lets you know how to take apart HP 8500A Multifunction Printer.
I took this video on November, 4 in 2012.
This video will help lost of printer engineers repair HP 8500A Multifunction Printer, which has various functions such as copy, print, fax and scan etc..
HP 8500A, on which 940 or 941 printheads( Yellow-Black, Cyan-Magenta) are used, includes duplex unit which makes it possible to print on both sides on papers.
Duplex unit is equipped on the back of HP 8500A.

(한국어 번역)
이 동영상은 HP 8500A 를 분해하는 방법을 여러분들에게 알려줍니다.
저는 이 동영상을 2012년 10월 4일에 촬영했습니다.
이 동영상은 인쇄, 복사, 팩스, 스캔 기능이 있는 HP 8500A 프린터를 수리하는 데 많은 프린터 엔지니어들에게 도움을 줄 것입니다.

940 또는 941 헤드( 노랑-검정, 파랑-빨강) 가 사용되는 HP 8500A 는 종이 양면에 인쇄를 가능하게 해 주는 양면 부가 있습니다.

양면부는 HP 8500A 뒷면에 장착되어 있습니다.
latafairam : word of advice.
use a HD cam and more lighting.
Jirka Zinke : I have the same printer and the scanner got stucked at the end. Can you describe how to open that part so I can move the scanner back to left starting position? I can't see any screws :-(
Piotr Dąbrowski : Many thanks :)
Peter Stevens : Hi I have two HP officejet pro8500 wireless multifunction printers  both with the same problem, a split drive gear which is indicated as a paper jam.  They are similar to the unit that you dismantled however where you remove screws for the lid there is some clipping arangement and no screws. At present it has me stumped so if you can shead some light on its removal that would be fantastic. Don't want to break anything..
Cheers Peter
PS If i'm successful at repairing the gear, I will post a video as well as from what I am reading it's a common fault and there is no replacement part.
Ajmer Phull : Hi I would like to know what type of drill you use to take the printer apart.

HP Officejet Pro 8500 AiO printer disassembly

A "how-to" video on disassembling an HP Officejet Pro 8500 (A909) AiO printer in order to make repairs and/or clean it.
Larry Higby : having trouble sliding the printer head out of the way will not move any help?
BusinessBears : Did all the steps, but didn't know what to lubricate on ink pump, and got a pump stall error. What lubrication to you use, and where do you put it on the pump?
Richard Baehr : fantastic video helped out alot thanks still getting paper jam error till no end not sure why but video was great
Demian Goldstein : Damn screws I can not unscrew them
Dick Arnold : Thank you for this video. My neighbor gave me her printer because it had a continuous paper jam error. This video got me started taking it apart. I didn’t have Torx screwdriver bits so I bought a 150mm long magnetized set from Amazon. Most of the screws are size T10 but the small screw that holds the gear on the shaft is T5 so I bought that tool at Home Depot. There are two types of Torx head screws sheet metal and machine screws of different lengths. It is wise to take careful note of where they came from and what type screws they are so you can reassemble it correctly. The right side panel was difficult to remove. It took me awhile to figure out it needed to be pulled to the right not forward but I finally got it off. I found the reason for the paper jam error was a broken clutch gear. Other YouTube videos explain this problem. I ordered the part from http://s.aliexpress.com/VBbuAbiM and installed the gear. While cleaning the printhead cleaner I found the pump was very hard to turn. I lubricated it with grease and oil and it was still hard to turn. I discovered that the pump was easier to turn when the tubes inside the pump were a little bit longer. I made them longer by prying both ends of the tubes inside the pump up a little bit off the nipples. I lubricated everything I thought needed it with oil or grease. I can’t prove it but I suspect the gear broke because something was too hard to move. The grease on the printhead cleaner was dried up and the parts were hard to move. When the printer is reassembled the the back panel should be snapped on before putting the side panels on so the pieces will fit together properly. When I first tested my printer it wouldn’t print yellow or cyan. I decided that the printheads needed a better and more thorough cleaning than the printhead cleaning the printer does. There are YouTube videos that show how to clean them. I removed the printheads and cleaned them. Now the printer is working fine.




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