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ARCHER Shoot and Scoot

The modern battlefield is characterized by a multitude of threats and challenges. In order to improve survivability, combat units must be able to work together effectively. The tasks of the artillery may include preparation fire over long distances, suppressing fire, and being able to follow fast-moving ground forces for several days. Fast emplacement and displacement is crucial for delivering fire support when needed, as well as avoiding counter-battery fire. BAE Systems' Archer needs less than 30 seconds from the time the operators receive a call for fire, to stop the vehicle, position for action, and fire the first round. Less than 30 seconds after the mission is accomplished, Archer is on the move again. Archer can get into place, fire six rounds, displace, and move 500m in less than two minutes, while the crew remains in an armored cabin.

The combination of Archer’s features sets it apart from other artillery systems: The superior range; high rate of fire; rapid emplacement and displacement; mobility; crew work environment; and safety, to name a few. Parts of the Archer capabilities may feature in other systems out there, but bring together the full portfolio of capabilities to the warfighter in one single system the way Archer does.
Tommy Machinga : Now that's a proper drive-by
Neo587 : This is especially impressive for mobility. Artillery shooting, then disappearing, and shooting again, and again moving. Impossible to locate from this far and to aim back and shoot.
Good N' Dead : The Archer was already on the move just before the first impact! This will change how we perceive artillery in the future.
Max Soon : Never messed around with Sweden Archer. Self loaded long range artillery. I think one of the best.
David Donnelly : Very impressive. Essentially relatively immune to radar based counter battery file. However subject to drone or aircraft reconnaissance and attack or directed counter battery fire. Each howitzer unit should hopefully be accompanied by an anti-air unit - guns and missiles. All in all very impressive.

PythonX Structural Fabrication System Complete Overview

http://www.pythonx.com --- info@pythonx.com --- p:905.689.7771
A Lincoln Electric Company - http://www.lincolnelectric.com/

Beam drill line as your production method? Meet the future with PythonX which not only replaces, beam drill line, also replaces, bandsaw, angle line, plate/bar Line, coping machine, marking machine, small burning machine. All this thanks to state of the art technology in high-definition plasma cutting, advance robotics and sophisticated software. get full details at http://www.pythonx.com/capabilities/beam-coper.html

Sweden's Bandkanon, The Fastest Firing Artillery of Its Kind Ever Made

During the twentieth century, Sweden developed many weapons at the top of their class despite not being a superpower. From the Swedish K SMG to the AT4, Swedish weapons have won American orders and proven themselves to be excellent in the field. However, one of the most interesting and innovative Swedish designs never was exported. The Bandkanon 1 self propelled howitzer was a Swedish design with only twenty-six vehicles built. It still holds the records for being the fastest firing artillery system of its caliber.
Sweden's Bandkanon, The Fastest Firing Artillery of Its Kind Ever Made
Quazar501 : "Fastest Firing Artillery" - Doesn't show ONE single video of consecutive shots to proof how fast it fires...
Marcus Robertsson : Back in 97-98 when I did my military service in Boden my neighbour regiment was the artillery regiment (I was in the engineers) and they used the Bandkanon. They were impressive beasts and I was very impressed by the fact that they could fire all of their rounds before the first fired round even landed on their target. This gave them incredible "shoot and scoot" capabilities. Once an artillery piece fires it is triangulated by radar and counterfire is applied. The Bandkanon could evade this by being so damn fast at firing and running away.
andrex1999 : I get that finding footage of the Bkan1 is hard but to instead almost exclusively show the archer artillery system without really saying so is kind of confusing.
Sander Gjertsen Østvold : Just to be clear, being a "superpower" doesn't imply that the equipment is any better than that of a "non-superpower". It just means there's a lot more of it.
Marcus Aetius : The Swedes have been punching above their weight in defence technology for a long time now.




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